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– I’m busy.
– I have a family to feed.
– I want my family to eat tasty food.
– Nutrition is important to me.
– I’m not confident in the kitchen.
– I don’t have time for fancy recipes and ingredients
– I can cook: I just don’t have the time/headspace to think about it during the week.
If you can relate to any of these statements, you need Cooking for Change.
Join the free revolution: a community of home cooks serving their families simple, tasty, nutritious meals cooked at home in just minutes.
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Blending the Cultures written by Tanya Bartolini

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Blending the cultures is a family story and a sharing of precious family recipes that add to Australia’s gastronomic mix.By sharing her story Tanya hopes to encourage families and friends to gather, cook and share a meal together, creating memorable moments along the way.
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